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Every summer we have the opportunity to host different travel writers on their journeys along our beautiful coast.  Here are some of the stories written about their experiences with Terracentric Coastal Adventures Ltd.:


Lund’s Terracentric Coastal Adventures also provides tours above and beneath the deep, and on our final day we venture out on a zodiac, with high hopes of spotting some sea life. The sky looks ominous and dark bulbous clouds threaten rain. Once again my fingers are crossed for a little bit of luck.

We cruise up Thulin passage, a slim waterway that separates the mainland from the Copeland Islands and slow down to take photos of stoic cormorants, blue herons and a family of mergansers. Birdlife is prolific in these parts, as is the beauty. Kingfishers, sandpipers, gulls and other migratory species are spotted around the craggy shorelines, evergreen islets and older growth timber. We agree whole-heartedly with Jacques Cousteau that the scenery is second to none.

Terracentric believes that we’re all connected to our natural environment and our guide Christine Hollmann has a wonderful way of integrating eco-education with the stunning surroundings. While paralleling the mainland, we learn about the First Nations people and explorer Captain Vancouver. In shallow bays she shares the symbiotic relationship between otters, sea urchins and kelp. And when checking out lazy sun-bathing seals we discover the importance of keeping our distance. This act of privacy is a guideline that Christine closely adheres to and though we never invade their personal space, we’re able to get a real good glimpse of the sea life that abounds.

As we’re heading back, we have one last performance –a grand finale off to the distant starboard. Jet black torsos break the still surface, revealing their pure white undercarriages before submerging again. They swim at record speeds, darting back and forth, leaping and cresting in unison, creating a riot of rooster tail spray. Though it’s just a feeding frenzy to these Dall's Porpoise, it’s a synchronized water ballet to us. And as rays of sun slice through the cloudy overcast sky, another wish is granted. The Sunshine Coast –it’s a destination of eco excellence whatever the weather!

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"As our zodiac came close to the island, it was like being in a scene from Jurassic Park... The nature scene we were visiting was bursting with activity" ...read full article

Jim Barr
Travel & Adventure Writer/Photographer
Contributor The Edmonton Sun's Special Sections

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