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 Terracentric Coastal Adventures

Adventure Tours 

Zodiac Boat Tours to Desolation Sound, Toba Inlet, and Mitlenatch Island

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Commitment to Environmental Stewardship
Commitment to Community Development
Exceptional Quality
Educational Value
Playing by the Rules
Excellent Food
Small Groups
High End Equipment
Leave No Trace Ethics
Ability to customize tours to meet your needs



Located in downtown Lund, BC, the Terracentric Coastal Adventure Centre has something to offer everyone - no matter what your age or experience level.  Whether its in the water, on the water or perhaps on dry land looking at the water, Terracentric’s coastal adventure tours are a great way to gain awareness of our marine environment: its beauty, its diversity and also its fragility. Our tours, ranging from 3 hours to 9 day packages, are characterized by exceptional guides, personalized service and all inclusive activities that inspire, educate and excite their participants.  


At our shop and office you will find items that relate to our objectives of providing guests with quality educational experiences; guide, reference and coastal non fiction books, area maps, cards and prints, local information and a lot more.  We are also the only local authorized dealer for Canadian Hydrographic Marine Charts.

We offer customized programs for:


Please visit the tour pages in the left-hand bar to get more information about our tours, or visit the other sections of our site to find out about our customized programming.  When you are ready to book, or if you have questions, please contact us!



Our tours are booked by request.  
Don't see the tour you want?  
Call us and we'll create it for you! 
Call 1-888-552-5558 or email us to book your spot today!
Desolation Sound Spectacular Zodiac Tours - 3.5 hrs
We run Desolation Tours daily from 9:00-12:30 and 1:30-5:00.
Reservations Required.  Please call 1-888-552-5558 or email fun@terracentricadventures.com to make your booking.
$99/person + GST (min. 3 people)
$125/person + GST (This rate applies when we only have 2 people on the tour)
Desolation Sound Spectacular Zodiac-Kayak Combo Tour - 7 hrs
$159/person + GST (min. 4 people), delicious lunch included.
Wild Coast: Beyond Desolation Sound Zodiac Tour - 7 hrs
Booked by request only.  
$179/person + GST (min 4 people), delicious lunch included.

Mitlenatch Island Explorer Zodiac Tour - 3.5 or 6 hrs
Booked by request only.  
3.5 hr tour: $99/person + GST (min. 3 people)
6.0 hr tour: $139/person + GST (min. 4 people), delicious lunch included.

Floating Families/Salish Sea/Raggeds Explorer Sea Kayaking Tour 

Sea Kayaking Tours daily 9:00-12:3, 1:30-5:00, or 10:00-4:00.
Reservations Required.
$75/person + GST (min. 2 people) for a 3.5 hr tour
$115/person + GST (min. 2 people) for a 6 hr tour, includes lunch.
$139/person + GST (min. 2 people) for an 8 hr tour, includes lunch.

All other tours are booked by request.  Please email us and we will accommodate you!
Please contact us to book your adventure!

  Call 1-888-552-5558 or email us to book your spot today!

Our tours are booked by request.  
Don't see the tour you want?  
Call us and we'll create it for you! 
(604)-483-7900  OR 1-888-552-5558

Here's a picture taken in early June by Trish Markvoort, one of our friends and colleagues out for a gorgeous paddle.  Step into this picture today!

Why Terracentric? 

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship. As long time members of the Georgia Strait Alliance we are committed to sustaining the fragile environment in which we live, work, and play.  Tourism doesn't have to have a negative impact on the local environment - at Terracentric our tours are carbon-neutral (we purchase offsets from The Climate Trust)  and environmentally sustainable. 

Commitment to Community Development.  As leaders in the small business community, we support local non-profit groups and organizations to support our community through donations and contributions to events.  We have supported such organizations as: Destination Imagination, Powell River Association for Community Living, ALS Society, Lund Community Society, Lund Business Association, Savary Island Land Trust, Banff Mountain Film Festival, and many others.

Hiring Practices: One of the true definitions of an Eco Tourism business is the hiring of local indigenous guides who can tell the stories of the area.  Terracentric has a long standing relationship with and commitment to working with Aboriginal youth . To this end we were recently nominated for the Aboriginal Tourism Business awards.

Playing by the Rules: All commercial Adventure Tourism operators must by law have the correct crown tenure and BC Parks permits in order to operate.  Terracentric takes special care to ensure that all our licenses and permits are in place each year, including our comprehensive insurance policy.

Exceptional Quality:  One thing to know is that many of our staff are certified full time educators. Unlike other companies that hire students straight out of school, our lead guides and instructors are veterans of the Outdoor Education field, with over 50 years of experience all together.  Our assistant guides are up and coming talented young adults (and some talented regular adults, too!) who show passion for the local environment and the adventures we run.  All of our staff are naturalists who are committed to knowing the area in depth and being able to communicate this to our clients - you!

Educational Value:  Terracentric Tours are about stepping into the picture and connecting with the natural environment, and the first step in doing this is knowing about the fragile ecosystems within that environment.  All of our tours offer an educational component.  Whether it be biology, geology, or history, we offer learning-by-doing experiences in an adventure learning framework.

Excellent Food: Most of the food on our day trips is certified organic with a focus on locally available seasonal choices.  Our food prep team boasts chefs in their own right, many of them having worked in some fine dining establishments. All staff working to prepare our food are Foodsafe certified.

Small Groups: In order to serve you best, we pride ourselves on offering tours with small maximum numbers: 6 people maximum for zodiac tours, and 8 people maximum for hiking and kayaking tours. This allows the most personalized experience for you!

High End Equipment: Safety is our priority here at Terracentric, and safety when out on the water (and in the forest) means having the best possible gear and sticking to a strict maintenance schedule. 


Leave No Trace:  Throughout all our programs we implement a Leave No Trace ethic as part of our efforts to offer a sustainable tourism experience in Lund, BC.  Leave No Trace focusses on just that - leaving no trace of having visited a nature site.  

Ability to customize to meet your needs:  Most of our tours and programs can be customized to suit your interests!  We can offer special tours just for you, or we can work in your interest into a regularly scheduled tour.  Check out our Custom Tours page for details.





All information on this site, including photographs and written material, are the copyright of Terracentric Coastal Adventures Ltd. Any use of written material or photographs without the prior written consent of Terracentric Coastal Adventures Ltd is strictly prohibited. 

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"As our zodiac came close to the island, it was like being in a scene from Jurassic Park... The nature scene we were visiting was bursting with activity" ...read full article

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